In Honor of Jim Cahoon's 60th Birthday

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Adair

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Altieri

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Battershell

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Dwyer

Mr. & Mrs. John Engelbrecht

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Gess

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hawkins

Mr. & Mrs. John Hunger

Mr. & Mrs. John Komperda

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Magee

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Mayfield

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Pell

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Tramba

Mr. & Mrs. Will Voegele

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Ian Woodburn

In Honor of Mary McHugh

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Calvert, Jr. 

In honor of college friends dedicated to helping kids
Ms. Maureen Farris

In Honor of Barbara O'Rourke Sullivan
Mstr. Frank "Sully" Sullivan
Mstr. George Sullivan
Mstr. Joe Sullivan

Mstr. Will Sullivan

Ms. Carol Burgess

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rice
Mrs. Vikki Sabo
Mrs. Janet Corrigan
Ms. Mary McGraw

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Burgess

In Honor of Laura Brewster's 40th Birthday
Ms. Terry Fries - Maloy

Mr. Don Maloy

In Honor of Cindy Kotula & Steven Klemm's Marriage
Don & May Farley
Carey Stansbury

In Honor  of Harlin & Laura Adelman's 50th Birthdays
John and Jane Warren

In Memory of Ann Geuther & Bob Sample
Mr. & Mrs. John Sample


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