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We currently serve Cuyahoga County youth who are "aging out" of the foster care system. Generally, at age 18, assistance and custodial rights cease and many foster teens are left to fend for themselves. We serve teens who have been living in group homes or numerous foster homes, have few belongings, and very limited support.

Here are several young people's stories we have had the privilege of serving


Santon spent life in the foster care system from age two until he aged out at 18. He was in up to 30 foster/group homes and never had a permanent home longer than a year. 

As he aged out he became homeless until a friend took him in. That lasted a short time until he found himself homeless again. With his old caseworkers help they found him an apartment in public housing.  He is currently 21 years old and just setting up his 1st apartment. 

Several months ago he was hungry, went to a local church food pantry and met some very special friends who helped him find the Lord (and food). His friends go to church with him and help him are helping him adjust to and independent life.

Santon was so thankful for all of the gifts he received but was most thankful for the prayers for his future success.


Kaleshia is from a family of six kids. She was in and out of foster care all of her life because her mother was deemed unfit. The last time she went back into foster care was because her cousin attempted to rape her. She tries to keep in touch with her siblings and has some contact with her mom.

The last place she lived was the YWCA’s NIA program. She recently moved into her own place and hopes to find a better job. She currently works at the airport changing trash bags.


Angel entered the foster care system shortly after her second birthday. Angel's mother was addicted to drugs and unable to care for her and her eight siblings. She was separated from her siblings and bounced around amongst 10 foster homes until she aged out at age 18.  She is trying her best to make it on her own. She recently found her first apartment and started a job at the airport. She plans to attend college in the near future.     

Several hours after our delivery Angel sent us a picture of her “new bed” with her bible resting on her pillow. She sent a message saying, ”words can’t explain how I feel. FTH is amazing. You give people like me hope."

“ Words can’t explain how I feel. Fill This House is amazing. You give people like me hope.”

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